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Evolution of Jintan seamless capsule

Morishita Jintan has been manufacturing and selling "JINTAN" since the establishment of the company. “JINTAN”, which is pills blended sixteen galenicals with silver-finish coating, has excellent preservation stability and portability.

Developed from the basic idea of “JINTAN”, Jintan capsule technology allows encapsulating wide range of contents such as powder, liquid, microbe or others. By choosing types of capsule shell, we can apply this unique capsule to pharmaceutical products, food products / industrial use.

Basic performance

1. It is possible to change liquids into solids

By encapsulating liquid, it becomes able to change liquids into solid particles, or powder. When the liquid form which is difficult to handle changes into solid, quantitativeness and portability are improved. Using this feature, micro-encapsulated flavors or functional oils have been widely applied to confectionery or food industry.

2. Dramatic improvements in storage qualities of encapsulated substance

POV comparison of unsaturated fatty acid (Stored in 40 degrees Celsius)

Using Jintan capsule technology, we can improve greatly the preservation period of the material that is oxidized easily or being quickly changeable by light or moisture.This encapsulation feature is ideal method for preventing the oxidization of changeable material such as DHA or β-carotene.

3. Designing of release control from capsule

Comparison of bifidobacteria acid resisrance.(Non-Encapsulated,encapsulated)

Morishita Jintan holds affluent experiences on release control of encapsulated materials by using several dissolving types of capsule shell, e.g. oral soluble capsule or stomach soluble capsule. The enteric capsule resists gastric acid, and can deliver the ingredients to intestine directly. By selecting suitable capsule shell for each purpose, it is possible to make use of the function of materials to the maximum.

Capsule Business Division