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Product Information

OTC, medical device and others


  • Pereus (First-class OTC drugs)

  • Dental pill cream (Designated second -class OTC drugs)

  • Suppurative skin disease cream for kids

  • Dental cream Stomatitis treatment cream

  • Dentan cream Gingivitis treatment cream

  • Pampas ointment(Sun burn treatment ointment)

  • Medicine for motion sickness (1carton Five bottles)

  • Cut disinfectant cream

  • Cool throat(Dental pill spray)

  • Brain memory improvement herb medicine Granule (Third-class OTC drugs)

medical device

  • Pain relief band aid size M, L (controlled medival devices)

  • Water prove pain relief band aid size S,M,L

  • Extra absorption band aid S,M,L (general medical devices)

  • After treatment band aid

  • Large size band aid S, M, L

  • Large size band aid extra volume pack S, M, L

  • Water prove band aid S, M, L

  • Absorbent cotton band aid M, L, LL

  • Roll type water prove film

  • Easy to use bandage

  • Easy to use tape

  • Basal Body Temperature Chart