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Functional ingredients with Jintan technique.

Processed natural material


What is rosehip extract?
1.Extract from whole rosehip fruits.
2.The extract is promoted the metabolism and decreased body fat.
The active ingredient is Tiliroside.
(Patent No. JP4229942)

Characteristics of rosehip extract
1.As vegetable extract, processed rosehip has no conspicuous bitterness or astringency. It can apply to many kinds of flavor.
2.It is a water-soluble powder extract.
3.It demonstrates high effect with small quantity. (100 mg/day,0.1mg of active ingredient Tiliroside)


Herb of Ayur Veda
Salacia extract originates from Hippocrateaceae Salacia, which is native to tropical regions such as India and Sri Lanka.
The active ingredient is Salacinol.

Many academic publications and safety data
As a pioneer manufacturer in herbal medicine research, Morishita Jintan has studied eagerly effectiveness and safety.

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