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Dietary supplement OEM contract

Supplement OEM

With our own encapsulation technology, Morishita Jintan can provide wide range of various raw materials manufactring and technology development, also high qualified product with additional properties. Using Jintan's unique seamless capsule, we conduct batch molding of spherical seamless capsules and multiple structure capsules. After the capsule processing, the filling process for stick-type package as a sequential production is also available. These are managed under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) appropriately and we keep pursuing the safety of the product. We promise the highest production system and a guarantee of quality in response to every needs.

Supplement OEM contracts

We will provide total support to meet your needs from product design and formula development to manufacturing.
We possess a variety of packing filling lines, and are able to provide the total manufacturing service to the final product.
Morishita Jintan holds affluent knowledges and experiences on health food development. We can send the best quality products with our finest technique, safety and reliability.
Product Design

  • Selection of product formulas, dosage forms, and ingredients; Adjustments with clients of the prototype scale, etc.
  • Prototype production and confirmation of manufacturing conditions
  • Evaluation of prototype
  • Evaluation of temporal stability
  • Entering contract agreement after the clients' judgement evaluation against prototype.
  • Preparations for production
Manufacturing / filling

  • Manufacture via a production system based on GMP
  • Packing to stick-type package of small seamless capsules/granule products
  • Bottling of tablets, soft capsules or hard capsules
Advantages of seamless capsule / stick-type package

  1. 1Jintan seamless capsule technology makes it possible to process soft capsules of small size (diam. 0.5 mm – 8.0 mm) which was difficult to produce with other rotary machine.
  2. 2Using enteric small capsules, it is possible to deliver the contents to intestines.
  3. 3By filling nitrogen and capsules to individual stick-type package at the same time, it is possible to maintain freshness to the last package.
  4. 4It is available to produce the assortment filling in stick-type package for seamless capsules and up to 3 kinds of granules.
  5. 5By individual packages it makes carrying a required amount of products easily and maintaining hygienic quality.

Oil material→Capsule→Combine Components  Functional materials→Granules→Various combinations.

Quality Assurance
  • Quality Tests
  • Last inspection for shipping.
  • Shipping

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